How To Take Care Of Your Laptop


Many times we get complaints related to the Rental Systems we provide. Sometimes its Genuine Hardware Issues, sometimes it is based on lack of User Handling. We request you to close the applications properly and shut down the computer instead of directly plugging off the computer. Also charging the batteries of laptops has to be from appropriate voltage points. After turning on the computer for more than 6 hours, turn it off for the few minutes to avoid heating issues.

If you need any other assistance, in terms of User Handling  we will give you free support in case you are our customer or not.

SIG systems: Are you still facing your dump server problems, but WHY?

Why are you still facing your dump servers & their regular problems, join the new era of IT rental to resolve your all IT problems regarding computers & servers. SIG systems offers you latest & updates servers, desktops, laptops and ups on rent @ best price.

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Lucrative Offer On Branded Servers…

Have the Cake and eat it also…

Purchase of IT Equipments is a heavy Capex Investment leading to Bondage and Obsolescence…so why not break the old norms and think something revolutionary like the concept of  “Rental of IT Equipments”.

Rental of IT Equipments like Laptops, Desktops, Computers, Servers, Workstations and other Networking Equipments adds a New and a more Liberal Dimension to your Technical Corporate World.

Unlike Purchase, Rental of IT Equipments paves the success of your Technological advancement with absolute Freedom from Heavy Capex Investments, it keeps your mind free from Maintenance Hassles, you need not wait for deliveries leading to a more objective state of efficient working patterns. Rental has another advantage over Purchase of Equipments, and that advantage is of Any Time Walk-in and Walk-out Facility of Rental, one need not to be shackled with the same Technical Equipment for the main agenda of the Concept of Rental is that the user should be able to update its equipments with the advancing times…

Besides the Concept of Pure Rental we also have a scheme for the Corporate Houses who are interested in the Ownership of the Servers after a certain span of Rental Period Completion of the same…

SIG SYSTEMS has brought into Life a Lucrative Offer where in “JUST” on paying the Monthly Rental amount for certain number of Months the Ownership of the Servers gets Transferred to the User on a certain amount payment. This scheme is suitable and fascinating for those who are keen in both the Rental as well as in the Ownership of the Servers we offer on rent…this scheme is termed as the “Rent and Own” Model and its given Life keeping in mind the maximum contentment of the Clientele…leading to the  Endeavors that are aimed towards maximizing constructive customer satisfaction.

“So do not miss on it…surely Have The Cake and Eat it as well…”