Why Rent

  • Renting of equipment is becoming increasingly popular as astute business managers realize that the value of equipment comes from its use and not its ownership.
  • Rent your Computer or other IT requirements including Laptops, Servers, and networking equipments in order to gain tax benefits, conserve your cash, beat technological obsolescence and establish a flexible, efficient and cost effective financial tool to fund your business’ progress.
  • No dead investment in case requirement changes in future due to technological advancement and / or increase in workload.
  • You can choose to return rented equipments early, keep your equipment for longer, change it, add to it, at the end of rental term, you have the optionto renew the contract, upgrade technology, return some or all of it.
  • Savings through less managerial efforts.
  • No Maintenance hassles.

How does renting through SIG SYSTEMS save you money?

  • The rent you pay is tax deductible.
  • Conserves valuable capital and improves cash flow.
  • Equipment is paid for over its useful working life without the burden of ownership or disposal.
  • Allows acquisitions to be driven by needs , not budgets and caters for future change.
  • Low initial outlay
  • Our regular clients appreciate our swift and professional timely services as well as the technical support and backup during the rental period.
  • Our full array of products and services will enable you to grow your business with the peace of mind that your infrastructure is running smoothly and efficiently.
  • Our expertise ranges from setting up the complex infrastructure to the simple ones